Try to contain contamination using your incredible "Cleaning Cannon". Get infected people to go to the hospital for treatment and healthy people to isolate themselves in their homes to contain the infection!

Push healthy people into vacant homes by throwing hand sanitizer.

Secondary objectives:
Heal sick people by pushing them, with the hand sanitizer, into the hospital.
Prevent sick people from throwing the virus into the air by shooting masks.

Note: If the game window gets too big on your screen, use 'Ctrl + mouse scroll' to zoom in/out.

LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot hand sanitizer.
RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot a mask.

White = Healthy person. Push it into a vacant house.
Yellow = Infected person. Shoot hand sanitizer to desinfect it, preventing it of infecting healthy people.
Green = Sick person. Push into a hospital, so it can be healed.

The game currently have 3 levels.

Avaiable in-game languages: Brazilian portuguese, english. You can change it at the game menu. 
Idiomas disponíveis dentro do jogo: Português do brasilinglês. Você consegue mudar no menu do jogo.

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